News from MAX the LION

Max Lion Electronics, Inc., located in Fremont, California, has been selected as the USA Branch Office for Tai-Shing (located in Taiwan and China) and their affiliates.
Products will include Relay, Solenoids, Crystals and Oscillators. Crystals and Oscillators will be sold under the Brand Names of TXC, TQC and TSE.

Chin-Poon Industrial Co., LTD
Chin-Poon, is the Number #3 Exporter and Manufacturer of PCB Fabrication. They are a Total Solution Company for Single-sided, Double-sided and Multilayer (1-12 layers) Rigid Boards. They have Plants in Taiwan, Thailand, China and Mexico. They are Certified in ISO-9002 & 14000, QS-9000 and TL-9000, along with UL E74060. They are a High Volume Low cost supplier.

Ligitek Electronics Company, LTD
As the exclusive Representative for Ligitek in the USA, we provide technical assistance, catalog information, samples, pricing and delivery information. They offer a wide display of surface mounting LEDs.

MaxLion is the USA, Representative for their High Tech IC products, which include LCD drivers for STN and TFT types of displays, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) and Speech Recognition ICs.

Companies, like Sunbeam, Stanley, Pitney Bowes, and others are using Pace Technology for high volume consumer products. They do Assembly or Turnkey manufacturing. Plastic Injection Molding is also supplied. Pace, also builds Emergency Lighting Devices, which they offer to OEM customers.

Quotable: "Nothing wrong ever happens and the right time".

*ISO-9002 certified.